Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where do I even begin?

I almost had a stroke when I saw this e-mail. Having to look at something like this makes my head hurt in a really, really, really bad way. Let's dissect it piece by red-marked piece:

* "It has been long we communicate last": Uhhh, what?

* "...that my boss asked me to mail to you as soon as you request for": The preposition at the end of this sentence is the least of its problems.

* "minure": Is this like "minor" or is it like "manure"? 'Cause I think you're full of shit, buddy. I really do.

* "...you fails to respond...": Ummm...you fails to write good.

* "aproprate": I'm guessing this is supposed to be appropriate.

* "door step": It's one word. Doorstep.

* "cheeper": This pseudo-word reminds me of cute, downy baby birds. Cheep! Cheep!

* "...which the company said that it will cost you the sum of $85...": Awkward sentence much?

* "Below is the contact information of the contacts information of the company...": And I bet the company is the Department of Redundancy Department, right?

God, I love these e-mails. Well, hate them and love them. It's a fine line, you know.

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