Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Very Red Pen Halloween, Part 2

These boo-boos are downright terrifying!

1. The stuff on the tombstone simply doesn't agree. It should read "Here lie last year's trick-or-treaters." Plural things don't lies. They lie, dammit.

2. It's very, very faint, but my grammar-hawk eye has definitely spotted a totally unnecessary and unwelcome apostrophe in the word treaters. Since the context of the stuff written on the tombstone dictates that it's referring to plural trick-or-treaters and not something that a (singular) trick-or-treater possesses, it should absolutely be treaters and not treater's. Moreover, trick-or-treaters should really be hyphenated.

I'm going to make a tombstone that reads HERE LIES THE BODY OF SOME FOOL WHO F'ED UP HIS GRAMMAR WHILE IN THE PRESENCE OF A GRAMMARPHILE. Or maybe one that reads HERE LIES AN IDIOT WHO COULDN'T PROPERLY APOSTROPHIZE (look, I'm allowed to make up words; it's in the Grammarphile rulebook...which, coincidentally, I wrote--and edited). Tee-hee.

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