Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is kinda random...

I know that news headlines aren't supposed to tell you everything about a story, but this headline leaves a really, really, really big gap.

It makes me wonder exactly what kind of Iranian we're dealing with here.

The headline simply attributes the idea that we can't afford another war to "Iranian." Is this the Iranian prime minister? Or a random Iranian pulled off the street?

The word Iranian can be used as a noun but is often used as an adjective. If used as a noun, the Iranian is a person; if used as an adjective, it modifies something or someone that is Iranian. This begs the question of specifically what or who is Iranian and offering opinions on our country. And the news headline doesn't tell us that.

Could be a random Iranian hobo, interviewed hanging out on a street corner and hoping for handouts. Could be some political official. Who knows?

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