Friday, October 26, 2007

Some edumacation on the importance of punctuizzation.

Goodness gracious. Did this sign-writer ever hear of a little thing called punctuation?

I retract that statement. He's clearly heard of quotes, as he uses them here on the sign...despite the fact that they are entirely unnecessary. But I digress.

So, since each word begins with a capital letter, and since all but two words have a distinct lack of punctuation surrounding them, we're left to use our detective skills to figure out what this sign really means. It could mean any of the following:

Your husband called. He said to buy anything you want.

Your husband called He Said to buy anything you want. (Hey, who's this He Said? Can he help buy me anything I want?)

Your husband called, "He said to buy anything you want."

Your husband called. He said, "to buy anything you want." (Maybe she could buy a husband who didn't use fragments in place of actual sentences. Where do you purchase those these days?)

Your husband called. He said to Buy, "anything you want."

See how much of a difference punctuation makes in a sentence? It helps to clarify the sentence's meaning. That's why I heart punctuation.

You know what else I heart? Cool bloggers who visit good ol' Red Pen, Inc. and link to it in their own blogs. I loooove me some linkin'! Kudos to Betty B from The Heartland Diary of Betty B and Mir from "Casual Friday" on the Work It! Mom blog for reading and linking to Red Pen, Inc. (Now go check out their blogs, 'cause theirs rock, too!)

And big thanks to our fab West Coast Correspondent, KIM, for spotting this sign!

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