Monday, October 29, 2007

It's "its," not "it's." Duh.

How do you know I'm a cold-hearted little Grammarphile? Because if you take me to the zoo, like Grammar Stud did a few weeks ago, you'll find that I spend an equal amount of time looking for misspellings and mispunctuation (thanks to the Secret Drinker for that word!) as I do looking at cute, fuzzy, cuddly little critters. I always smile when I see the cute animals, but when I see an error on a sign, I get a HUGE evil grin on my face as I reach for my camera...muahahaha!

Note: Upon looking at this sign a second time, I now notice the second sentence in the sign is screwy, too. It should read either "A good climber and swimmer, the fisher cat travels in a home range of 50-150 miles" OR "They are good swimmers and climbers, and they travel in a home range of 50-150 miles."

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Justin said...

Yay for ferret cousins! :)