Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grammar mistakes on some of The Grammarphile's favorite sites, Part 2

Despite the fact that this very popular blogger frequently disses some of my favorite celebrities (Rose McGowan, Lily Allen, and Avril Lavigne--yeah, yeah, I kinda like a few Avril songs, but really, who can help themselves from singing along with "Girlfriend"?), I read his blog faithfully every day. Not only do I appreciate a dose of good gossip, but I like the fact that he gives hope to bloggers everywhere. See, he's always got the juiciest gossip, but he's kinda lacking in the writing/spelling/proofreading skills departments. But tons of people visit his site. So I think to myself, "Myself, if this guy can build up this crazy following on a site that's poorly-written, YOU can eventually build up a crazy following on your VERY well-written site!" And that's a thought that makes me smile.

You know what else makes me smile? When I see the word "taught" being used in place of "taut." Apparently Joan Rivers' skin is very well-educated...at least according to P.H.

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