Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grammar mistakes on some of The Grammarphile's favorite sites, Part 1

Oh. No. They. DIDN'T!

(Oh, yes, they did.)

The Grammarphile's favorite makeup website is encouraging you to "update you makeup."

Eek. Somewhere, these folks lost their r.

Despite the missing r, their makeup still rocks, and their website is my favorite site to search when I've been bitten by the shopping bug and it's 2 AM and I just want to buy something. Anything. Because, you see, The Grammarphile is a bit of a shopaholic. And this store is one of her many vices.

Big thanks to my co-worker ELISA for spotting this mistake! Pity Elisa--every day she hears me cackling incessantly when I've spotted another bout of bad grammar on somebody's website or in the text of somebody's e-mail. That's a lot of cackles, folks. A lot.

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