Thursday, September 6, 2007

Putting things into perspective...

When I was still in college, I asked my supervisor at my internship to write me a letter of recommendation that I could pass along to suckers I hoped would hire me for a real job. I kid you not, when ym supervisor gave me the letter he'd written, it started out with "Dear perspective employer...". I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Repeatedly. (Instead, I ended up "spilling something" on the letter in question, having to retype it--with no homonym errors, of course--and then giving it back to my supervisor to sign. Clever.)

I'm appalled at the amount of people who frequently use perspective instead of prospective (or vice versa). Perspective is a noun, while prospective is an adjective. You'd think that since these things are different parts of speech, it would be harder for people to confuse them. Apparently not.

And then there's that pesky dinning hanging out there. People, during dinner you dine in your dining room, but you do not din. Perhaps if you call it supper instead of dinner you can say that you sup, but you still do not din; therefore, there is no dinning happening at any time. Got it?

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