Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just one more reason why I love getting mail...

Q: What's better than a discount on a spa service?

A: A grammar mistake sent straight to my mailbox!

In the town in which I used to live, I favored a couple of spas, and one of them sent me a "why haven't we seen you lately?" note in the mail, accompanied by a little flyer for a discounted service. Since I don't live in that area anymore, I'm not able to take advantage of the discount, but I am able to take advantage of the homonym error within the coupon.

See, if you use except as a verb, it means to exclude or leave out. To accept, however, means essentially the opposite: to take or receive. They should have used accept in this coupon, since they wanted me to accept their special offer. Therefore, I suppose I have to take them literally and exclude this coupon from the pile of coupons I plan on using.

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