Monday, September 17, 2007

Is this like video killed the radio star?

There is a well-respected news outlet out there who knows how to cover the news but doesn't know how to punctuate. I'm not so sure they understand how punctuation can help convey the meaning of a sentence--and that if a sentence lacks that necessary punctuation, the meaning of the sentence goes totally out the window.

I think they meant "Miami officer killed: news update," but they didn't say that. What they did say is that a Miami officer killed [a] news update. Is this a case of cruel and unusual punishment (what, pray tell, did that innocent news update do to deserve this rather harsh treatment)? Or did the officer kill the news update by stepping in front of the news camera and doing cartwheels and singing Britney Spears songs in Pig Latin, thus draining the news update of any seriousness and validity?

In order to really make the meaning of their sentence clear, they could have written it this way: "News update: Miami officer killed." But they didn't. (Idiots.)

And normally I don't get too picky about such things, but since I'm already here and picking on these guys for one thing, I'm not going to hold back: there should really be a comma between live and developing.

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