Saturday, September 8, 2007

I think my apostrophe fell into the sink and drowned.

I frequently see (and am aggravated by) people putting apostrophes where they don't belong--either adding them into a word that doesn't need them, or putting them in the wrong place (using 's instead of s', or vice versa). Rarely do I see a lack of apostrophe, but when I do, the results--like the one above--are quite amusing.

This should, of course, read JANITORS' SINK, but the way it's written here makes it look like a random phrase describing what the janitors do (apparently they sink! Who knew?) or makes it look like an imperative (like a sign on a door to a room that janitors are ordered to go into for the purpose of sinking).

The worst part: the building in which I found this sign actually has more than one of these signs on its walls. All of them lack apostrophes. Sigh.

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