Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hey, Fido--roll over, play dead, and say "hola!"

I think helping children and indigenous [people] learn Spanish (or any other language, for that matter) is a wonderful idea. If I actually had any free time, I would most certainly try to impart grammatical wisdom upon the minds of youngsters.

However, I draw the line when somebody wants me to volunteer my time to help animals learn Spanish. And if that's not crazy enough, they also want people to volunteer to help the animals make new friends.

Animals speak in meows, barks, baas, and quacks, among other things. They don't speak Spanish, or Portugese, or English, or any other type of -ish or -ese. And they're capable of making their own furry friends.

Call me crazy, but when there's heavy-duty problems to solve such as feeding starving children in Africa, finding cures for for cancer and AIDS, and beefing up the Phillies pitching staff so they actually have a shot at making it into the playoffs, somehow teaching animals Spanish and helping them make friends rank a little low on the priority list.

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