Monday, September 24, 2007

Charlie Brown, I've found the great pumkin (and it's being stalked by the corn)!

This weekend, the Grammar Stud and I took a little field trip to see some vineyards and outlets (whee!). As we were driving through a country-type area, I spied the above sign, and asked him to do a drive-by photo-shooting with me to capture this magnificent sign on film.

Obviously the most hilarious thing on the sign is the misspelling of pumpkins (pumkins--how cuuuute!), but if you take a step back and read the whole sign, the rest of it's pretty funny, too. (Or at least it was funny right after a wine tasting...) It looks like "corn stalks pumkins" here! That's a creepy thought...corn stalking anything. (Cornstalks, you see, is one word. So since this is clearly two words, the obviously meant that their corn actually stalks stuff. Like, uh, pumkins.)

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