Friday, July 13, 2007

A-O-Hellacious grammar.

So I have no voice, and my throat is dry and scratchy, and since I can't talk and say snarky things, then I need to be even snarkier in my writing. Right? Right.

So my mother e-mailed me today, and as I was reading the e-mail, I noticed something appalling at the bottom: a homonym error! Shock! Horror! But it's not hers. Mama Grammarphile doesn't make homonym errors.

It's AOL's homonym error. They want me to take a "peak" at the new AOL. Hahahaha!

What's really funny is that when Yahoo launched their new e-mail platform last month, they, too, used the wrong version of this word when encouraging people to look at the new mail features.

Hey, AOL--I'm pretty sure that you can use the AOL browser to look up so as to quit screwing up your homonyms!

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