Thursday, July 19, 2007

Buttoms up!

Today while at work, I was attempting to create screensavers for marketing purposes. Having not done this before, I went online and found some software that said it would help me make screensavers for free! I was elated...

...and then this (below) popped on my screen. I think I actually snorted when I saw "Welcom to use [brand name] Screen Saver." Welcom?!? Welcom to use???

But then it got better (technically, it got worse, of course--the "better" refers to the fact that this made me laugh harder)...

That's right. This program was prompting me to click the buttom button! Buttom!!!!

I laughed my butt off at that one.

Apparently mocking poor spelling/grammar in computer programs is not what the karma police would call a good idea, since the damn program failed to work for me at all. (That's what you get with Freeware. I've learned my lesson.)

But at least I got a couple good giggles in during the middle of the workday!

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