Friday, June 8, 2007

There are middle schoolers who can spell better than this...

How do I love this picture? Let me count the ways...

* Most people are smart enough to not misspell "tomorrow." If you type in "tommorrow," spell check freaks out. It's not even a homonym of anything. There's NO excuse for this mistake.

* You'd think people who make signs would, oh, I don't know, CHECK THEM FOR ERRORS when they're involved in a high-profile presentation such as this one.

* Apparently even after the sign was made, none of the event personnel or Hillary's handlers realized the error (or they never would have let her stand up there, posing in front of half a dozen "tommorrows," looking like a moron).

* At least they were consistent. They misspelled it EVERY time on the signage!

* ...and Hillary's up there looking completely unaware that somewhere in her audience, there's probably at least one reasonably intelligent person snickering throughout her speech 'cause they've caught the misspelling that nobody else noticed.

MIKE S flippin' ROCKS for sending me this gem of a picture!

1 comment:

Miranda said...

tomorrow is one of my danger words. I misspelled it for years.