Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You say to-maaaa-to, they say...

This has to be a joke, right? RIGHT?!?

Tow maters?

Not only did the person who made this sign invent some weird Pennsyltucky-style word, but they also screwed up their apostrophization! (Like, do the tow maters possess four dollars, or what?)

No wonder those tomatoes are so vibrantly red. They're mortified that they have to be in the same picture as that heinous misspelling!

GRANNY GEEK always finds the craziest things. Click on the link to check out her site!


Anonymous said...

I am of the same disposition as you and I like your site a lot. That said, we have to be ready to take it as well as dish it out...so with all due respect, it would be one tow mater's four dollars and you have split infinitives in your postings and in your profile.

A fan.

The Grammarphile said...

Ha! I like your theory on "tow maters," but where exactly do you buy one "tow mater" for four bucks? That's a little pricy. And something tells me this picture was taken in a country-type area, and those kinda folk don't do pricy stuff. I'm not convinced that that's exactly what the sign-writer meant.

Split infinitives aren't exactly *wrong* nowadays, by the way. I've read many writing/editing-related books and articles that say it's better to use a split infinitive (if it gets the point across more clearly) than constructing a sentence weirdly for the sole purpose of tryign to avoid using the split infinitive. And so that's the route I normally take. I'm NOT in favor of split infinitives being used if the sentence sounds more retarded because of it, but if it actually makes the sentence sound more streamlined, then I think it can be an acceptable thing to do. The "no split infinitives" rule has become a little outdated...sorta like the rule that you can't wear white shoes and pants after Labor Day (hel-*lo*, "winter white is in!) or a black dress to a wedding. :)