Saturday, May 19, 2007

For once, I'm dissing the library.

You would think that, of all places, a library would be a spelling error-free place, right? After all, I'm pretty sure they do have dictionaries in there. But apparently that's not always the case...

What exactly is a disscussion? Is it when people talk about the things they don't like, thus dissing them? Can the library folks and I have a disscussion about how moronic it is for them to put spelling errors on their signs when, if they aren't sure of the spelling of a word, they can march themselves right back in their very own building, crack open a dictionary, and see for themselves that there ain't no word* called disscussion?

KIM, this cracked me up for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for sending!

*: "Ain't no word" was used in a purely tongue-in-cheek sense. Please don't worry that I'm losing my Grammarphileness...or my mind.

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