Tuesday, April 3, 2007

To be or not to be immunized? That is the question...

I could talk about the lack of punctuation above, or the random capitalization of things that aren't proper nouns, but those things are small potatoes in comparison to what's really buggin' me about this ad.

Above, you'll see one of my biggest pet peeves: the omission of the very handy, useful, and NECESSARY phrase "to be."

Living here in the sticks (okay, so it's not quite the sticks--there are worse places--but the people out here talk like it really is the sticks), I hear this sort of language abuse all the time. "The dog needs washed. The kids need picked up." Et cetera. It's awful. People can't manage to say two tiny little words--that take two tiny seconds to say--that would make their sentence sound like they're speaking English and not Hickspeak.

Apparently it's not good enough to just talk in Hickspeak out here, but they're compelled to start writing Hickspeak, too.

The sentence in question should read: "Teenagers and adults need to be immunized, too." Doesn't that sound a lot nicer with the lovely to be present? (And that sentence looks a whole lot better with punctuation and no random capitalization, doesn't it?)

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jl said...

Kind of like in my meeting the other day when a piece of equipment on the inventory sheet was described as, "needs replaced". Oy vey!