Thursday, March 1, 2007

Somebody's got a black thumb when it comes to growing good grammar.

Where, oh where, shall we start?

I see that be participating in this gardening supply sale will allow you to help people--a-hem--throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Except that, the way it's presented here, it's more like you'd be helping to trash or discard the Pacific Northwest, what with the writer's use of "threw out."

But we can't stop there.

Let's take the writer literally. Let's assume that, for some reason or another, he or she harbors an intense dislike for the Pacific Northwest. Maybe the writer has a deep hatred for grunge music or for logging. Possibly, the writer's bitter that the Mariners have stunk ever since Griffey Jr. left. Whatever.

So the writer wants you to come to this gardening supply sale to help people "threw out" the Pacific Northwest. If that's the case, this moron's got the wrong tense going. He or she should have phrased it as "throw out." Come to the darn gardening supply sale to help throw out the Pacific Northwest--not threw out, because "threw" (past tense) implies that it's already happened, and if that's the case, there's no point to the gardening supply sale anyway, as there would be no more Pacific Northwest left to throw, it having already been thrown before.

Big thanks to MEG for spotting this amusing grammar goof-up!

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