Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Speaking ill of spelling errors.

The root of vilify (spelled with one l, thankyouverymuch) is not, as one might assume, villain (with a double l). To vilify means to slander. Despite how this word looks, it doesn't have anything to do with an actual villain unless you happen to be speaking ill of that villain. While I'm sure the US both spoke ill of Mr. Hussein and also viewed him as a villain, they didn't actually "villify" him, because that word simply doesn't exist.

Besides, even if "villify" was a word, it looks like it would mean "to turn into a village," and, using my definition, "villifying" this man does not a pretty picture paint, y'know?

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Fern Camacho said...

Unless, of course, you're speaking of "villi," which are the tiny, hair-like appendages on the surface of most monerans and other microscopic flora and fauna. In which case, to "villify" would be to somehow cause such appendages to sprout or suddenly materialize?