Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It's Judgment Day!

Not only do these goons write a paragraph on their flyer about how they're a "judgement free zone," but they also include this phrase in their logo.

What's wrong with being a "judgement free zone," you ask?

1. Judgement ain't exactly the right word. (Judgement is a British variant of the word judgment, so technically it's not totally wrong, but the dictionary notes multiple times that the "preferred" version of this word is the version sans the letter e.)

2. They thought to add this weird, unnecessary e to the word judgment, yet they didn't remember to stick a hyphen between "judgment" and "free."

What's really beautiful is that I didn't even have to go looking for grammar goof-ups today--this sucker came to me in the mail. Ahhh, more butchering of the English language, this time delivered right to my doorstep!

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