Sunday, December 17, 2006

Striking out swinging against the Grammarphile.

I thoroughly read the newspaper article in which this little error was made. And, see, it wouldn't be an error if the writer was discussing what fun it was to do the Charleston during the Roaring Twenties or how groovy it was to be alive in the seventies 'cause you could wear cute polyester bell-bottom pants with killer platform heels. Nor would it be an error if, say, America voted, and the majority of them, for some reason, preferred exactly 7:38 PM over every other possible time, and the article was announcing this.

But that's not the case.

This writer was talking about a baseball team made up of employees from a certain business.

This writer was referring to baseball as a so-called favorite "past time."

Actually, enjoying baseball is a favorite pastime of many people--myself included. But seeing as how baseball is a sport and is not in any way a form of time, therefore it most certainly cannot be a past time, either.

Somebody needs to bench this writer until he's batting at least .500 in vocabulary practice.

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