Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Somebody's driving the short bus to his grammar lesson.

It makes me cringe whenever I hear someone use phrases like "ride bike" or "drive bus." There's this thing called an indefinite article. The word "a" happens to fall into the indefinite article category. Phrases like "ride bike" and "drive bus" contain no such indefinite articles, thus making these phrases sound like Neanderthal-speak when, in fact, they're merely the results of people not inserting a very short yet very necessary word. It boggles my mind how people can forget about "a." It's only the first letter of our alphabet, one of the easiest words to remember because it's so nice and short, and it looks fabulous squeezed between a verb and an object...

Regardless, even if this ad said "Free training to drive a school bus," it would still look screwy. Is the applicant only being trained to drive just one particular bus, the same bus each time? Or would the applicant be trained to drive a variety of school buses?

The ad should read, "Free training to drive school buses." That's the clearest and most concise way of putting it. And--bonus!--that way, it's written properly.

I'm going to go bang head against wall now.

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jl said...

"Hey George, I like drive bus, George!"