Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Raiding" a little point about how spell-check's not perfect...

In all seriousness, this radio station had a really cool idea to do something warm and fuzzy for our brave troops overseas. The sentiment is wonderful.

But. The write-up on this promotion needs some work. I know that spell-check is a fantastic invention, but spell-check doesn't catch every mistake. It won't, for example, point out homonym errors. Nor, as in this case here, will it catch typos that are actually genuine words.

If this radio station really got listeners to raid (as opposed to raise) $23,000 worth of phone cards from their market, then their listeners are slightly...overdedicated, and more than a little bit scary. Perhaps for this station's next promotion, they'll have their listeners dress up as pirates and have them go pillage and plunder and cause all manners of mayhem. Arrrr.

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