Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just because they sound similar doesn't mean they're synonyms...

From my perspective, not enough people understand the difference between perspective (noun) and prospective (adjective).

I remember when I was back in college, I had completed an internship with a local radio broadcaster. I asked him to write me a letter of recommendation for me to send along to personnel at radio stations that might be interested in hiring me. He started out the letter with "Dear Perspective Employer...". If I remember correctly, I "spilled a drink" on the letter, re-typed it (omitting the perspective/prospective mistake as well as several spelling errors), and gave the new copy to the broadcaster to sign. (Not surprisingly, my editorial changes went unnoticed.) Damned if I was gonna let any prospective employer of mine see my name attached to that kind of mistake.

I suppose I'm just a profectionist about language being used correctly. ;)

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